My Lion and Cat Slam

Re: My Lion and Cat Slam

Unread postby BigWalt » Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:36 pm

njhuntingguide wrote:The Native eat everything out in Africa.You cant bring back meat from Africa but it doesnt go to waste out there for sure. I ate the mountain lion taste alot like pork. I got all my cats full body mounted in my house. Pretty much everything got used. Africa not like USA were most hunter cut the hams and back strap off and thats it. They eat everything eyes ,guts , its pretty gross but it doesnt go to waste

'Tasted a lot like pork". I am surprised. :shock:

I thought it might be gamey, like Bear. I had bear meat, it was awful, maybe it wasn't prep or cooked properly.
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Re: My Lion and Cat Slam

Unread postby njhuntingguide » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:05 am

Its not like bear for sure. Hippo really really good to. If u get out to africa have them cook u up kudo and eland very good.
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