Turkey Hunting Seminar

Turkey Hunting Seminar

Unread postby Thunderchicken » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:05 pm

I attended a turkey hunting seminar, put on by Lou Gambale and the state. There was about 100 people in attendance with a lot of first time hunters. Lou did a great job of teaching all aspects of turkey hunting. He fielded some great questions and helped promote the sport! It was nice to see the number of sportsman come out today! :D :D
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Re: Turkey Hunting Seminar

Unread postby Nevermoor » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:52 pm

I was there too. Got to meet TC. Lou did a really good job with his advice and answers to questions. I picked up a new call too. I have my permits, I have lots of new knowledge, all I need now is for a turkey to walk in front of me.
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Re: Turkey Hunting Seminar

Unread postby tomcbigbucks » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:57 am

Good work guys!!
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Re: Turkey Hunting Seminar

Unread postby jimmymuller » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:51 am

I also attented many turkey hunting seminars. There were about 1500 people in attendance including experienced and beginners. The given link is very helpful for turkey hunting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHQcx5iWNdQ
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