Why are saltwater fish more intelligent than freshwater?

Why are saltwater fish more intelligent than freshwater?

Unread postby TRipple » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:52 am

Maybe it's something to do with freshwater fish being 'artificially raised' as it were, or not having as fixed territories they feel they need to protect. Saltwater fish also have much larger schools; hence the need for more advanced communications and intelligence.

I could be totally wrong here though and it might not even be the case that saltwater fish are 'more' intelligent. What are you guys' thoughts on this? :ugeek:
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Why are saltwater fish more intelligent than freshwater?

Unread postby Captain Coleslaw » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:33 pm

Well, I've studied Fish biology in good depth in college, so here's my academic theories on this topic :)

When it comes to intelligence, Fish don't have a very large part of their brains allocated to cognitive thought processing; rather, everything a fish does is based solely off of environmental pressures and instincts. In saltwater Fish, there are less places to hide and their instincts are more extreme, if you will; eat, or be eaten. Fight, or flight. Thus, I just see Fish in saltwater being either as cowardly or as aggressive a fish to catch as they come. When they detect anything unnatural whatsoever, they're gone before you even know they're there... from a fishermen' standpoint.

Freshwater Fish, on the other hand, tend to live in smaller areas where food is more prone to becoming scarce or depleted quickly, so in some freshwater ecosystems fish seem "dumb" and eat anything that you throw at them because, for the fish, an opportunity left untested may be the fine line between a fish eating once a day or waiting 2 full days between good meals.

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